Guidelines for Submitting Artwork


For the best results, create your art in vector format using Adobe Illustrator® or CorelDRAW® and export from your program as an EPS or PDF file. Do not compress files saved from AI. WE PREFER PC FORMAT, however, some MAC files are acceptable. MAC files must be compressed with either WinZip® or Stuffit® before e-mailing.

  • All text must be converted to curves or outlines before sending them. Please do not send fonts.

  • A printout of the design must be faxed or mailed if multi-color. If e-mailing, it's a good idea to send a JPEG or PDF composite file for comparison.

  • Acceptable media: CD-ROM, DVD. FTP upload may be available for files too large for e-mail.

  • Other file formats may be acceptable if the art doesn't need any alterations, or if the item is to be printed in color using 4-color process. Please ask for the art requirements for the items you are ordering.

  • We are able to import many file formats, like JPEG, PSD, and BMP, but we prefer vector files. Most other formats will need to be converted or redrawn to be acceptable.


Some Additional Points

  • HALFTONES may or may not be acceptable in a design. This depends on the product and the manufacturer's printing limitations. Please ask if halftones are available on the item you are ordering before preparing your art.

  • VECTOR ART: Vectors are a series of points joined by lines. This allows enlargement of art without affecting the original clarity of the edges. This also allows the graphic to be broken apart and edited. CorelDRAW® and Adobe Illustrator® are programs which are vector-based, which is why we prefer them.


  • BITMAPS: Bitmaps (raster format) are composed of individual dots called pixels. Increasing the size of a bitmap has the effect of increasing individual pixels which makes the edges of the graphic appear jagged when enlarged. Also, because a bitmap is created as a collection of pixels, its parts cannot be moved individually. This is why BMP, JPEG, GIF, some EPS and TIF files and other bitmap formats are often not acceptable for our use.

  • EMBROIDERY: An exception to many of these requirements is embroidery setup. Bitmaps and full-color printouts may be used to set up embroidery, but remember that the better the quality of the art, the cleaner your finished design will appear. We recommend at least 300 dpi.

  • If you are unable to provide artwork in an acceptable format, we can prepare it for you for an additional charge. We can create custom artwork for you, clean up rough art, add to or change your current design. We can provide a quote of approximate charges before beginning your design. Bring us your idea or rough sketch and we'll create a camera-ready design for you

Client Note

"It is a true pleasure to have TenBears Productions as a member of our Sponsor Team and I am even more proud to call Mark Harvey my good friend. Mark's service and industry knowledge is second to none and the passion he brings to his job is inspiring. "


John Rocco
Charlotte Touchdown Club