Client Testimonial



• 18 oz. capacity
• Mug made from 100% USA corn plastic
• Biodegradable
• Microwave safe
• Made in the USA

Until now, plastic products had been manufactured utilizing a petroleum based material. Amid soaring oil prices, disruptive supplies and increased petroleum demand, Ten Bears' vendor Quickpoint is utilizing all natural plastic, that not only helps relieve U.S. dependence on foreign energy, but is based on a renewable U.S. agricultural product Corn Plastic!

• Corn based plastic products are biodegradable
• A billion bushels of corn grown annually in U.S.
• Corn plastics and fibers are used in products ranging from plastic eating utensils to t-shirts
• Reduces dependence on foreign petroleum, benefiting the U.S. farm economy

Photo of Xerox corn mug
Photo of cycle of corn mug creation
Look for the Corn Seal

A Note from the Client

“Xerox Corporation of the Carolinas was so pleased to discover the 100% recycleable products that you offer. We have use the corn mug to help us market our Color Qube solid ink copier.
Sustainability is a growing concern to both the public and private sector. Our solid ink technology is environmentally friendly so it was great to have a customer give away that reflected that message.

The corn mugs have been used to help us open doors to talk to perspective customers about our products. The novelty of a plastic mug that can decompose fully over a 2 year period really grabs people’s attention. It has helped to get the conversation going on a number of our calls.

We are looking forward to the many orders that will come! Thank you Ten Bears for making such a unique product offering available to us!

Donna Y. Dunlap
Region Vice President